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Jul 16, 2013   //   by Cary Landis   //   Cloud Computing News  //  Comments Off

WSO2 To Present “Docker and Apache” at @Cloud Expo NY | @WSO2 [#Cloud] – Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a technology designed to make DevOps easier and allow developers to focus on application development. The PaaS takes care of provisioning, scaling, HA, and other cloud management aspects. Apache Stratos is a PaaS codebase developed in Apache and designed to create a highly productive developer environment while also supporting powerful deployment options.
Integration with the Docker platform, CoreOS Linux distribution, and Kubernetes container management system brings more scalability and flexibility to Apache Stratos PaaS.
In his session at 15th Cloud Expo, Lakmal Warusawithana, Director of Cloud Architecture at WSO2 Inc., will discuss installing and deploying sample applications using Docker, CoreOS and Kubernetes, and walkthrough how it can be extended to support new application containers. He will also demonstrate app deployment, provisioning, auto-scaling, and more.

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HP to Acquire @ArubaNetworks | @CloudExpo @HP [#Cloud] – Tue, 03 Mar 2015
HP and Aruba Networks on Monday announced a definitive agreement for HP to acquire Aruba, a provider of next-generation network access solutions for the mobile enterprise, for $24.67 per share in cash. The equity value of the transaction is approximately $3.0 billion, and net of cash and debt approximately $2.7 billion. Both companies’ boards of directors have approved the deal.
“Enterprises are facing a mobile-first world and are looking for solutions that help them transition legacy investments to the new style of IT,” said Meg Whitman, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of HP. “By combining Aruba’s world-class wireless mobility solutions with HP’s leading switching portfolio, HP will offer the simplest, most secure networking solutions to help enterprises easily deploy next-generation mobile networks.”

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‘Docker Is Not Enough’ By @ActiveState | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps] – Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Docker is becoming very popular–we are seeing every major private and public cloud vendor racing to adopt it. It promises portability and interoperability, and is quickly becoming the currency of the Cloud.
In his session at DevOps Summit, Bart Copeland, CEO of ActiveState, discussed why Docker is so important to the future of the cloud, but will also take a step back and show that Docker is actually only one piece of the puzzle. Copeland will outline the bigger picture of where Docker fits and the remaining infrastructure that is needed for large scale adoption by enterprise IT.

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Capital One To Present at @DevOpsSummit New York By @TopoPal | [#DevOps] – Tue, 03 Mar 2015
In his session at DevOps Summit, Tapabrata Pal, Director of Enterprise Architecture at Capital One, will tell a story about how Capital One has embraced Agile and DevOps Security practices across the Enterprise – driven by Enterprise Architecture; bringing in Development, Operations and Information Security organizations together. Capital Ones DevOpsSec practice is based upon three “pillars” – Shift-Left, Automate Everything, Dashboard Everything. Within about three years, from 100% waterfall, Capital One now has 500+ Agile Teams delivering quality software via Agile and DevOps practices.

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The Art of DevOps By @Dynatrace | @DevOpsSummit [#DevOps] – Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Welcome to my four-part series on what I’m going to call the Art of DevOps. We will embark on a mission to reveal the extremely valuable intelligence that’s been collected about a unique strategy to continuously deliver assets to the operational battleground safely, securely and quickly. This strategy drives optimal monitoring of the frontlines and enhanced communications with the troops supporting the initial development. I do make the assumption that most of you are battle-worthy veterans in one or more of the environments that I’ll review.
Beyond this introduction blog, I’ll brief you on some of the best DevOps tactics to aid in your deployments while providing maximum situational awareness within each environment. I’ll also do my best to expand upon the best lines of defense with minimal disruption. Unfortunately, in my experience, many of you will be deficient either over lack of preparation such as test automation, damaged assets or organizational challenges in one or more areas of deployment. The goal of this series is to help you recognize where your deficits are, how to address certain scenarios and which tactics you need to use to lead a successful DevOps operation.

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Scalable Cloud-Based Video Surveillance Solutions | @CloudExpo [#Cloud] – Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Kenichi (Kevin) Mori is the director of Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division, based in Park Ridge, New Jersey. He oversees business development and partnerships for the security group, which is part of Sony Electronics’ Professional Solutions of America group. He started his Sony career doing business-to -business sales and product marketing in China before moving to the security marketing division in Japan and then coming to the U.S. Thank you for joining us today Kevin. Before discussing Sony’s security capabilities in greater detail, please tell us about your background.
Kevin Mori: I am the director of Sony Electronics’ Security Systems Division, based in Park Ridge, New Jersey. I oversee business development and partnerships for the security group, which is part of Sony Electronics’ Professional Solutions of America group. I started my Sony career doing business-to -business sales and product marketing in China before moving to the security marketing division in Japan and then coming to the U.S. I received my Master’s degree in Australia and my Bachelor’s in Japan. Between my schooling and my career, I’ve learned and worked nearly everywhere in the world.

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Business + Dev + Ops = BizDevOps By @AAkela | @DevOpsSummit [@AppDynamics #DevOps] – Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Hello, from a new member of AppDynamics team. I recently joined the team to lead application performance management (APM) product marketing.
Last month, when I was talking with Jyoti Bansal, CEO of AppDynamics, he shared his vision for the company. Where the market is heading and how application performance and end-user experience insights can influence business outcome. This conversation not only cemented my decision to join the company, but also I came back with a quest to learn more about a term he used – BizDevOps

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Cloud Trends to Watch Out for This Year | @CloudExpo [#Cloud] – Mon, 02 Mar 2015
Experts predict that the cloud computing will continue to grow this year. According to the Computerworld Forecast Study, spending on cloud computing is expected to rise by 42% in 2015. Moreover, Esna projects that in a bid to increase the use of mobile, social, customer-facing and collaboration technologies, 40% of IT teams will spend more on software as a service and a mix of public, private and hybrid solutions this year.

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Case Study: Cloud Transitions Done Right By @VIIAD | @CloudExpo [#Cloud] – Mon, 02 Mar 2015
Every successful company hits growing pains at some point along the way. One of the most harrowing for IT is the transition from the “build it quick!” startup mindset to the more structured and stable mentality of a mid-stage business.
For VIIAD Systems, a healthcare technology company that is reinventing how healthcare information flows, our transition from startup to mid-stage was marked by a transition from a physical, bare metal solution to a private cloud.
We had been experiencing an almost overwhelming influx of business over the last two years, which was both a blessing and a challenge. Like many small businesses, we had pieced together our infrastructure over the years, which eventually resulted in an expensive and “clunky” solution. Upgrading our systems was a daunting task, and we were concerned that any downtime to critical systems would be crushing to the business.

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Agile Application Migration & Modernization By @AppZero_Inc | @CloudExpo [#Cloud] – Mon, 02 Mar 2015
The market transition from education and evaluation to remediation is marching along as the End of Support (EOS) nears for Windows Server 2003. The market has moved from being unaware of the challenge that EOS would pose for most IT organizations at the beginning of 2014 to POCs, trials, and evaluating how to get help with these projects by the end of 2014. You can get a sense of how the market has moved by reading the 2014 Windows Server 2003 End of Support Survey Results.

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HGST Adds Improved Cloud Storage with Amplidata Buy – Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Belgium-based Amplidata represents the second acquisition for HGST in the last three months.

Microsoft Revamps Azure Preview Portal, Upgrades Database Security – Tue, 03 Mar 2015
Microsoft issues new quality of life improvements for its cloud application management and monitoring toolset and rolls out a new Azure SQL Database security feature.

Why Federal Government is Still Behind the Cloud Curve – Mon, 02 Mar 2015
NEWS ANALYSIS: Survey shows the U.S. federal government has the desire to keep moving to the cloud, but movement is slow due to a number of factors.

Microsoft Releases New OneDrive API for Snappier Cloud File Storage – Fri, 27 Feb 2015
As OneDrive turns 1 year old (sort of), Microsoft releases a new API that offers smoother syncing and ensures that large files are successfully uploaded.

IBM InterConnect: New Cloud Tech, Celebs Take the Stage – Fri, 27 Feb 2015
At the first IBM InterConnect conference the company debuted new cloud computing technologies and investments.

Security Vendors Say New Technologies Needed to Bolster Cloud Defenses – Thu, 26 Feb 2015
Worries about security are keeping the brakes on the growth of cloud computing despite a huge drop in infrastructure costs that are making it cost effective for enterprises to move their data centers off the premises.

Docker ‘Swarms’ Onto Microsoft’s Cloud – Thu, 26 Feb 2015
Microsoft announces support for Docker’s awaited orchestration tools on its Azure cloud computing platform.

WD Targets Prosumers, Small Businesses With My Cloud NAS – Thu, 26 Feb 2015
All of those 4K GoPro videos need to go somewhere. WD launches new NAS devices to help consumers and small business store their growing collections of big files.

Docker Advances With Trio of New Orchestration Tools – Thu, 26 Feb 2015
Two months after first announcing Machine, Swarm and Compose, Docker rolls out the three orchestration tools.

How GE Sees Industrial Internet Trends Developing in the Coming Year – Thu, 26 Feb 2015
Here’s a look at insights from GE on industry trends, including IoT, social media and mobile adoption.

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Microsoft’s Sway ups OneNote integration, third party data – Tue, 03 Mar 15 1
Microsoft continues to plug away at its Sway app, which could highlight the future of Office.

SanDisk launches Infiniflash, aims to bring flash array costs down – Tue, 03 Mar 15 1
SanDisk launched a new enterprise flash system that could upend the storage economics favoring traditional hard drives.

Box acquires BYOD-driven startup Subspace to bolster compliance controls – Tue, 03 Mar 15 1
Box has made a few strategic, product-drive acquisitions in the last several years with its latest purchase tapping into BYOD.

Top smartphones, mobile gadgets from Mobile World Congress 2015 – Tue, 03 Mar 15 1
CES is over, Mobile World Congress begins. What devices have tech giants produced for us this year in Barcelona, Spain?

Best Buy aims to boost investments in customer experience, IT, marketing – Tue, 03 Mar 15 1
Best Buy’s fiscal 2016 master plan is designed to navigate shifting consumer preferences as well as more effectively compete in a brutal retail market.

Goodyear’s concept tires highlight how everything is getting smarter – Tue, 03 Mar 15 1
One of Goodyear’s concept tires revolves around charging electric vehicles on the fly. Another one would sense road conditions and adjust inflation on the fly.

SAP inks partnerships to extend Internet of Things services – Tue, 03 Mar 15 1
SAP is collaborating with a number of companies to develop Internet of Things (IoT) services for the enterprise.

Box, Cisco, AirWatch, Workday, Xamarin launch enterprise app standards group – Tue, 03 Mar 15 0
The rough idea, outlined at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, revolves around replacing software development kits tied to individual enterprise mobility management vendors with a common standard.

BlackBerry’s software strategy: Will the stars line up? – Mon, 02 Mar 15 2
BlackBerry has BES12 at the core of its software strategy, but a lot of other moving parts need to line up if the company is going to be an enterprise application contender.

AWS gets the cloud reboot drill down – Mon, 02 Mar 15 2
The latest round of Xen security fixes won’t disrupt Amazon Web Services customers.


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