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Jul 16, 2013   //   by Cary Landis   //   Cloud Computing News  //  Comments Off

Cloud Computing + Things = ‘Information Excellence,’ Not IoT By @Kevin_Jackson | @CloudExpo #IoT #Cloud – Fri, 31 Jul 2015
The Internet of Things (IoT) has quickly become the next “be all to end all” in information technology. Touted as how cloud computing will connect everyday things together, it is also feared as the real- life instantiation of The Terminator’s Skynet, where sentient robot team with an omnipresent and all-knowing entity that uses technology to control, and ultimately destroy, all of humanity.

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[slides] Cloud Security Myths By @TierPoint | @CloudExpo #IoT #API #Containers – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
Malicious agents are moving faster than the speed of business. Even more worrisome, most companies are relying on legacy approaches to security that are no longer capable of meeting current threats. In the modern cloud, threat diversity is rapidly expanding, necessitating more sophisticated security protocols than those used in the past or in desktop environments. Yet companies are falling for cloud security myths that were truths at one time but have evolved out of existence.

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[slides] Workloads and Public Cloud at @CloudExpo By @utollwi | @ProfitBricksUSA #DevOps #Containers #Microservices – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
Public Cloud IaaS started its life in the developer and startup communities and has grown rapidly to a $20B+ industry, but it still pales in comparison to how much is spent worldwide on IT: $3.6 trillion. In fact, there are 8.6 million data centers worldwide, the reality is many small and medium sized business have server closets and colocation footprints filled with servers and storage gear. While on-premise environment virtualization may have peaked at 75%, the Public Cloud has lagged in adoption as teams delay their cloud migrations or seek alternatives like the public cloud or await SaaS alternatives for their essential apps. Today’s mass market for cloud computing IaaS is made up of non-cloud natives and the industry needs to respond to grow. In his talk, William Toll will break down the reasons for the delays and how existing IT teams can accelerate their plans to migrate to the public cloud – without expensive consultants or big cloud migration projects.

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Ariba Outlines Roadmap for 2015 By @Dana_Gardner | @CloudExpo #Cloud – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
Ariba’s product and services roadmap is rapidly evolving, including improved business cloud services, refined user experience features, and the use of increasingly intelligent networks.
Ariba’s product and services roadmap is rapidly evolving, including improved business cloud services, refined user experience features, and the use of increasingly intelligent networks. BriefingsDirect had an opportunity to learn first-hand how at the recent 2015 Ariba LIVE Conference in Las Vegas.

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[slides] Storage with ISS SuperCore and Ceph | @CloudExpo #Ceph #Containers #Microservices – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
The time is ripe for high speed resilient software defined storage solutions with unlimited scalability. ISS has been working with the leading open source projects and developed a commercial high performance solution that is able to grow forever without performance limitations.
In his session at Cloud Expo, Alex Gorbachev, President of Intelligent Systems Services Inc., shared foundation principles of Ceph architecture, as well as the design to deliver this storage to traditional SAN storage consumers.

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Migrating to Cloud-Based Managed Services? By @OrlandoBayter | @CloudExpo #Cloud – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
In 2013, Scandinavian research group SINTEF announced that 90 percent of all data ever created was generated during the two previous years. That time frame continues shrink as the rate of data creation increases exponentially. Mobile devices, computers, gaming systems and even your car all produce terabytes and terabytes of data. Under these conditions, every business needs to think seriously about their cloud options. There’s simply too much data for a company to effectively manage on outdated systems alone. We are quickly moving into the Post-PC era. While computers will remain the primary interface for employees, the data, computations, storage, and processing will occur externally in the cloud. Enterprise software from five years ago can’t handle the surge of data and solutions are quickly moving to the cloud to store, manage, compute and backup vital information at lightning-fast speeds while avoiding the heavy costs and headaches of owning and managing complex commodity hardware.

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Managing IT in a Hybrid Cloud World By @DanKoloski | @CloudExpo #Cloud – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
Enterprises and IT organizations around the world are excited about the agility promises of hybrid cloud computing, but they remain concerned about the potential for ungoverned sprawl and its attendant downstream effects such as hidden costs, increased performance risks, and potential security and compliance problems. The good news is that properly planned and architected hybrid clouds don’t require organizations to trade agility for governance. Let’s explore some of the factors that can ensure success with a hybrid cloud environment.

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[slides] Powering a Cloud Economy By @Solgenia_Corp | @CloudExpo #Cloud – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
The Cloud industry has moved from being more than just being able to provide infrastructure and management services on the Cloud. Enter a new era of Cloud computing where monetization’s services through the Cloud are an essential piece of strategy to feed your organizations bottom-line, your revenue and Profitability.
In their session at 16th Cloud Expo, Ermanno Bonifazi, CEO & Founder of Solgenia, and Ian Khan, Global Strategic Positioning & Brand Manager at Solgenia, discussed how to easily offer services such as Big Data Analytics, Enterprise Document management, Business Management and more through innovative options of monetizing the Cloud on a Consumption model. They also discussed how to manage quick provisioning, metering and billing of any service on the cloud through Solgenia’s latest offering, Powua.

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The Measurement of IT with @dcomputaguy | @CloudExpo #Cloud – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
“6fusion and its mission is to basically simplify the measurement of IT so we came up with the Workload Allocation Cube,” explained Delano Seymour, Co-founder and CTO of 6fusion, in this interview at 16th Cloud Expo, held June 9-11, 2015, at the Javits Center in New York City.

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[slides] Taking Cloud Databases to the Edge | @CloudExpo @IBMCloudant #API #IoT #Microservices – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
Database apps on mobile devices shouldn’t stop working when there’s limited or no network connectivity.
In his session at 16th Cloud Expo, Bradley Holt, a Developer Advocate for IBM Cloudant, discussed how to bring data stored in a cloud database to the edge of the network (and back again), whenever an Internet connection is available.

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Google+ Is Alive and Well Despite Persistent Media Reports – Wed, 29 Jul 2015
NEWS ANALYSIS: Repeated news media claims that Google+ is on the verge of extinction appears to be a delusion caused by a social media paradox called the “majority illusion.”

Facebook Reports Big Revenue Increase, Thanks to Mobile – Wed, 29 Jul 2015
Seventy-six percent of advertising revenue came from mobile apps, up from 62 percent in Q2 2014 and 73 percent in Q1 2015.

HP Buying ActiveState’s Stackato Cloud PaaS Product – Wed, 29 Jul 2015
The move brings in technology to complement HP’s Helion Development Platform, which the company launched last fall.

Debunking 7 Common Myths About Hybrid Clouds – Wed, 29 Jul 2015
Overcoming common myths and misconceptions about hybrid clouds can give organizations a big boost in implementing their adoption strategies.

Google to Let Cloud Customers Use Own Keys to Encrypt Data – Wed, 29 Jul 2015
Google’s bring your own keys program marries cost benefits of public cloud computing with robust encryption security, the company says.

Actifio Strikes New Deals with AWS, Google Nearline Storage – Mon, 27 Jul 2015
Actifio pioneered copy data virtualization, which decouples business data from business infrastructure in the same way hypervisors decouple compute from servers.

Druva Automates Data Governance for Mobile Devices – Mon, 27 Jul 2015
Druva’s market differentiator is that it offers a single platform that converges data availability and comprehensive governance across endpoints in the cloud.

For, It’s All About E-Commerce Pricing Disruption – Mon, 27 Jul 2015
The CEO believes the company will succeed because the company’s profits initially will come from collecting annual membership fees.

Seven Key Milestones in OpenStack’s Five-Year History – Mon, 27 Jul 2015
OpenStack, now 5 years old, has emerged as one of the leading cloud platforms. Its member roster includes governments and major companies.

Microsoft Edge Browser Supports WebDriver Site-Testing Standard – Sun, 26 Jul 2015
In another developer-friendly move, Microsoft announces that its new Edge browser supports the WebDriver automated site-testing technology.

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Google offers revamped Glass headset to the enterprise: report – Fri, 31 Jul 2015
Google is reportedly distributing a new version of Glass for use in specialist sectors.

Hisense snaps up Sharp America in $24m deal – Fri, 31 Jul 2015
Hisense has completely taken over Sharp’s television business across the United States.

LinkedIn crushes Q2 earnings estimates; outlook strong with 380 million members – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
LinkedIn has more than 10 million members in China, up from 4 million last February, making China its second largest market for new signups behind the United States.

Pinterest reveals diversity hiring goals for 2016 – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
This isn’t the first time the multi-billion dollar valued company has taken strides to promote diversity in the industry.

T-Mobile nets 2.1 million customers in Q2, revenue surges – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
The No. 4 US wireless carrier got a major boost as it fights to overtake Sprint for the spot at No. 3.

Customers with smartphone installment plans less satisfied, says J.D. Power – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
Customers who lease their smartphones wait longer for support, have more issues and are less satisfied overall, says J.D. Power. T-Mobile benefits.

Stratasys cuts outlook; says easy growth over for 3D printing – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
3D printing giant Stratasys cut its third quarter outlook, pulled guidance for 2015 and said the market is transitioning to slower growth. Blame extra capacity, Asia and perhaps a pause before HP’s 2016 debut.

Salesforce Ventures-backed marketing startup Autopilot raises another $7 million – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
Autopilot wants to “fill the void between basic email software and complex marketing software designed for the tech elite.”

Obama orders creation of exascale supercomputer – Thu, 30 Jul 2015
Can the president’s executive order prompt the development of computer systems capable of running at 1 exaflops?

Western Digital, Equinix, Ruckess earnings results mixed bag – Wed, 29 Jul 2015
Western Digital was hit by a PC slowdown; Equinix’s sales surged, but earnings missed and Ruckus delivered a solid quarter across the board.


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